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COVID COMPLIANCE POLICY - If you would like Covid Complaince Regulations to be followed (wearing a mask, gloves, etc.) during your photo session, please let me know ahead of time. I have no issues with that and am willing to accommodate you to make sure you are 100% comfortable. I keep my studio clean and sanitized all the time to reduce allergens and germs, not only for myself, but my clients as well. 

1. The Client shall reimburse the photographer for any additional costs the photographer may incur for travel, meals, parking, and other reasonable costs necessary to the performance of these services.

2. The sitting fee is not refundable even if the Client cancels or changes the agreement. If the Photographer or representative for the photographer fails to appear at the place and time specified above, the booking fee shall be refunded to the client. At times retainers can be transferred to another session of your choice. This option is at the discretion of the photographer. 

3. The Client shall assist and cooperate with the photographer in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to specifying persons and/or scenes to be photographed; taking time to pose for photographs at the photographer’s direction; providing a person to guide the photographer to desired persons and/or scenes; pre-shoot conversations/consultations, etc. The photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken because of the Client’s failure to provide adequate prep time, reasonable assistance or cooperation, choice of location or shooting times,

4. The Photographer retains ownership of all copyrights of all the photographs, and hereby grants the Client unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use, print or reproduce the photographs for which the Client pays. Photographs should not be sold/used in any contests, magazines, social media posts without written permission from the photographer. The photographer does not give out unedited RAW images for any reason.

5. By signing the contract, the client is in agreement that they give permission for all individuals in their family/group during the session to be photographed and their images to be used in social media, print, and advertising purposes on behalf of Keea Rachelle Photography. If for some reason we need to change this, we can. Just let me know.

6. Client accepts full responsibility for the choice of the location of the photographic session and of all poses requested by Client during the photographic session Keea Rachelle Photography will not be liable for any injury or damage to Client, Client’s property, vehicle, or minor children before, during or after the photographic session.

7. The client will download images from session within 2 weeks. After the two week time period a $35 fee will apply should client need them re loaded into their online gallery. I keep images on file for ONLY 90 days. 

8. If client is late without notice, that amount of time will be deducted from the photo session. If a client is more than 15 minutes late without notice of being late, then the photographer will leave and a new booking fee will have to be completed. If a client is a no show/no call the full amount of the session plus the booking fee will be required upon booking another session.

9. Minor edits are included in your photography session. If you should need additional edits such as head swaps, etc a fee will be required and paid prior to any additional edits. I am not responsible for your choice of clothing, shoes, makeup, hair, nail polish etc. Please be sure you address these issues before your session. Beauty blotters are great to have on hand to reduce makeup shine.

10. Payment is accepted in cash, personal check or an online invoice where a debit card can be used. State tax does apply.

11. Client shall hold Keea Rachelle Photography harmless and hereby releases Keea Rachelle Photography from liability for any loss, injury, damage, or claim arising out of or incurred in connection with the photographic session. 

12. A contract must be signed, and a booking fee must be paid in order to hold the date/time on my calendar for your session.

13. The remaining payment must be paid day of the session. No images will be delivered without full payment.

14. I do not sell prints or products but will provide recommendations.

15. If you schedule a session, pay your booking fee and you cancel or postpone with less than 24 hours notice, you will be required to pay a new booking fee before a new date is scheduled. If you cancel the session a second time you will have to pay all fees up front at time of booking.

16. All images are protected by GA copyright laws.

17. You can purchase more images from your session.

18. All sessions come with a sneak peek within 48 hours

19. All Sessions have a 1–3-week (business weeks) turnaround time for editing unless you purchase rushed editing services. Excludes weekends and holidays.

20. I work one or two full weekends (Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday) each month. To ensure weekend availability book early.

21. If you or your child damages item(s) that belong to Keea Rachelle Photography, are in the studio or the venue or location you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item(s).

Session Disclaimer: Keea Rachelle Photography is not responsible for compromised coverage due to causes beyond Keea Rachelle Photography’s control including but not limited to obtrusive guests, lateness of the client or guests, weather conditions, schedule complications, incorrect address provided to Keea Rachelle Photography, rendering of decorations, or restrictions of the locations. Keea Rachelle Photography is not responsible for backgrounds or lighting conditions which may negatively impact or restrict the photo coverage. Keea Rachelle Photography is not held liable for missed coverage of ANY part of the event. Keea Rachelle Photography will not be held responsible for failure to deliver images of any individuals or objects or scenes during the event. Keea Rachelle Photography shall not be held responsible for loss of images due to card failure, software issues, and or but not limited to camera equipment malfunction or error.

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